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A Meditation Group

Snow Lion

We are a community of meditators who are exploring our own basic goodness through meditation and studying the dharma. You can connect with our community online in a number of ways or simply visit us during one of our regular sits or special events.

We meet at 410 Central Avenue, in the Woodbine area of Nashville TN.
Read our letter to Shambhala USA after deciding to remain a Shambhala charter.

Our Standard

We are practicing regularly.
We are present for each other.
We work together, cooperatively.
We engage to understand, not refute.
We are willing to take feedback.
We take the space to hear everyone’s heart.
We take the space to speak truthfully.
Our subject matter is at its foundation basic goodness

On Social Media

We maintain two Facebook groups (a discussion group and an organization page with events and announcements). We also list our regular sits on

Our Newsletter

We publish a fairly regular newsletter via email. If you signup below we will send you regular updates on the Sangha and special event announcements.

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410 Central Avenue
Nashville, TN 37211
off Nolensville Road

Regular Sunday Sit

Every Sunday 10:00 AM to Noon
Chant, Sit, Discuss
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Regular Wednesday Sit

Every Wednesday 7:00 to 8:30 PM
Sit and Discuss
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